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It is June.
I am tired of being brave.
Without even looking in the album
I realized suddenly, two months later,
you had stolen the picture of me,
The one in color in the Greek waves.
After you had hurt me so much,
how could you also take the picture
from me of a time before I knew you?
When I was with Jack.
Steal the small proof that once
I lived well, was loved
and beautiful.

— Linda Gregg, Lessening (via grammatolatry)

But you are my nomad and I love you sideways daily. Sideways because I have to beam my love in all directions, hoping it bounces off something and eventually finds you.

— Richard Siken, from The Long and Short of It (via heisenbergsays)

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Anonymous asked: How is that racist? Enlighten me.

enlighten yourself


Felt shit all day because of a comment someone made on a recent photo.

I’m not taking that bullshit which is COMPLETELY untrue.

You posted a photo of yourself in a mustache and said that you were obviously rooting for Colombia in the World Cup. That is racist- no one cares you were hurt all day by someone calling out your shitty comment you didn’t even apologize for - try actually being a victim of the racism you’re perpetuating.

I pretended indifference
even in the presence of love, in the presence of hunger.
And the more deeply I felt
the less able I was to respond.

Louise Glück, from “Timor Mortis (via violentwavesofemotion)

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Today’s your birthday and I knew it
from the second I woke up but I don’t
imagine that by sending you my smiling face
you’ll suddenly stop being a junkie and start
being the kind of man I need to keep myself alive.

— Sean Patrick Mulroy, “poem to a lover on his birthday,” published on The Bakery (via nps2013)

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I want to be able to call you. I want to be able to knock on your door. I want to be able to keep your key and to give you mine. I want to be seen with you in public. I want there to be no gossip. I want to make supper with you. I want to go shopping with you. I want to know that nothing can come between us except each other.

— The PowerBook, Jeanette Winterson (via twobarsandabookshelf)

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this show is so fucking real

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be there saturday sweetheart
by Tracey Emin

this is not tracey emin - this is fiona banner 


be there saturday sweetheart

by Tracey Emin

this is not tracey emin - this is fiona banner 

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"Ok - this is a happy song I wrote. It’s a children’s song - and uh, I was living in Seattle at the time and my life was pretty much in the shitter - so I was pretty depressed. I had just gotten off, well - it was a long story, but I had just gotten back off the train from Denver where I had moved, and two weeks later went back cause I was really confused about this girl - she was in Florida at the time…well, she lived in Seattle but then she left Seattle cause I left and she was all bummed out and couldn’t stand to be there. But I came back and told her to come back cause I loved her. And in my depression I wrote this song and I was happy for about 5 minutes and then went back in the shitter and so did the relationship. But out of it I got a little children’s song, so you know, things happen in funny ways." 

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